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Texas hold 'em Poker in New Zealand

To date, among the most popular poker variants and practiced in the world, there is no doubt that of Texas Hold ‘em. It is a specialty that many players or amateurs come in terrestrial casinos and in online poker rooms, virtual places to play and have fun from the comfort of your own home, without having to move. Difficult then for a lover of this game, do not try at least once the thrill of “sit” at a poker table Texas Holdem online.

Usually you will find online poker tables “singles”, available for a number of 2.6 .9, or 10 players and online poker tournaments ‘ multi-table ‘, which have a much wider and inscriptions often start at flextime. In both cases, each player who will be sitting at the virtual table game, will receive only two hole cards. These two cards, called pocket cards (hole cards), together with the 5 “community cards” (i.e. “community cards”) that the dealer (card Distributor) will put on the table at the various stages of the game, will be your personal score.

Before arriving at the end of your game, you will have the opportunity to see other players ‘ bets (“call”), raise (“race”), pass (“fold”), or bet all your mail on your plate (All In), in the different betting rounds (taking place after the “Flop”, “Turn” and “River”).

The phases of a hand of Texas Hold 'em online

We examine in detail the various stages of a hand of Texas Hold’em poker, so you have to clear the entire hand.

In online poker, virtual dealer distributes cards. One player at a time is symbolically the dealer: this does not mean that it will distribute the cards, but only that it will be marked with a button (in which appears the letter “D”), and the 2 players on his left will be the blinds into the pot (or “blind”). The player immediately to the left of the dealer pays the small blind (small blind) and the next player will pay the big blind (“big blind”). This takes place before the distribution of the cards, and aims to ensure a winning poker hand.

At this point, each player, starting with the one to the left of the dealer receives 2 cards (only visible by the player). You are then the first betting round, where each player can evaluate and decide to leave the game, see the stakes, or raise. This first phase of a hand of Texas Hold’em online, is called “pre-flop”.

On the virtual game board (the “board”), are then discovered three cards. There are three “community cards” which can be used by all players still in the competition, which in Texas Hold’em poker are called “the Flop”. Do you now another betting round, again starting with the player to the dealer’s left, which is the first to “talk”.

Another “community card” is then displayed on the board: this is the “Turn”, which follows another betting round between participants.

The last “community card” (the fifth), it then discovery: this is the phase of “River”, where you run the last betting round, which precedes the “Showdown”, the stage at which a player who made the last bet shows his cards.

The “Showdown” decreed the winner of the pot based on the highest point. Players, excluding those who made the last bet and must be the first to show the cards, they can choose not to see the hole cards, and give for the winning hand is shown by the opponent. Where there are equivalent points is taken as reference the card with the highest value, excluding those that compose the point (also known as the “kicker”). In the case of wholly equivalent scores, splits the pot in equal parts (in this case we have a “Split Pot”).

It continues with a new hand, the dealer button passes the player to the left.

Virtual Slot machines in New Zealand

The success of this form of entertainment is very popular mainly due to three factors: ease of use, variety and huge chances of winning. With ease-of-use means the huge simplicity of rules that govern the world of slots. It is sufficient, in fact, place the chips by clicking in the appropriate area, press the button to operate the machine and you’re done: the rest of the task is done entirely by the software, and the player does not remain nothing more than to see if the tour went to fruition or not. Of course there are also more complex slots games, where the player is asked a few more choice, but generally speaking it is something you can learn in just a few seconds.
In addition, the characteristic of these virtual slot is that practically have no limits or boundaries: just a variation on the theme to invent a new game. There are those in Classic theme, as the fruit machine, or those dedicated to celebrities, movies, books, and even fictional characters. It is virtually impossible to get tired of this game, because it regularly comes out a new one even more exciting.
Of course, like any good casino game, a critical part are also the enormous possibility of winning. This type of game, by its nature, allows you to also take home big jackpot, compared with infinitesimal charges. Suffice it to mention the very famous slots with progressive jackpots, which over the years have made even millionaire dozens of people throughout the world.

What to expect from online slots

As mentioned, in New Zealand the debut took place at the beginning of December 2012. We also, as elsewhere, analysts expect that the slot machines the warmer heart of tens of thousands of players. It is also an important input in the offer of casino games.
Finally, all players have the chance to challenge your luck by choosing the game that best fit the needs of each. Who knows, maybe the next big winners could be just you!

Play free online slot machines

We speak of course of the slot machines, that starting from December of 2012 have become a point of reference in the virtual game rooms. In addition to playing for money, you can also do a bit of practice. How? Playing slot graffiti games.
No, we are not saying that there are free slots in the shops. That kind of machines are always paid, and then forget to use them without having to insert coins or more commonly now, buy tokens. Yet there are, there are a lot of free slots games with which you can exercise while waiting to play for real money. And could not be located elsewhere if not in the vast and varied world of the web.
Casino offers its faithful users a rich request free slots in which you can practice ahead of the play real game mode. Although now slots are officially offered in real mode, however, should “make a round” in fun mode to learn more about the rules of the variant with which you want to then play for real money.

How to play free slots

Free slots are in all respects identical to their real money versions, with the exception of course that the virtual tokens won are not turned into credit, but remain fictional currency with which you can continue playing. And if you end the credit? Do not worry. Usually once the credit, free slots shall alone to provide a new same initial credit. Other times however you are prompted to reload the Web page, a quick and easy process that allows you to start playing within a few seconds.
Free online slots are very comfortable because they do not require any download or subscription. Flash technology, available now on any pc (even the cheapest), you can play this type of entertainment (and many other) directly from one of the many browsers available. This does tend to virtually zero wait time before you begin to play, and allows you to navigate from one variant to another in just a few clicks.

How to earn $ 1,000 per month by playing online poker

Let's acknowledge the fact that many people play online poker, primarily for the money. And there is nothing wrong with that.
People often wonder how to earn $ 50 a day, or $ 1,000 a month, playing, for example, online poker. But nowadays it is not easy. You need to be a very disciplined player, work hard, have the right strategy, bankroll, choose tables, control your tilt, etc.
In the end, this is not what you want to hear. You need information on how to do this!
You can tell you the game plan and tell you how to do it, but you need to be warned that this is not so simple ...
  1. Play cash games at low limits (micro limits)
Here we mean games that you can enter already from $ 2. This is the best limit for those who start playing online poker and want to get a constant profit.
Previously, you could earn $ 1,000 per month in cash games even at the lowest limits. However, today it is extremely difficult to do, because in the last 5-10 years, games have become tougher, which means that the win rate has also decreased.
But everything is possible if you really want it. You can earn $ 1,000 per month on NL2, the lowest limit, while locking yourself in a room for a whole month, protecting yourself from society, and playing an incredible amount of hands, somewhere around half a million. This is only feasible for a "crazy" grinder who plays at the same time 20-30 tables (and with a good bet). But for most regulars this is an unrealistic task.
  1. Play at least NL10, possibly NL25
Today you need to play at higher stakes so that your poker income is $ 1,000. We can say that NL10 will be the first limit where this is possible for those who play systematically. This will mean winning 100 buy-ins in one month. But even for a top regular who plays a huge number of hands at such limits, this is impossible. Since it is possible to get a small rakeback at this limit, this fact simplifies the task. But still, for most people, this is most likely unrealistic.
We can say that for the average player NL25 is probably the first limit at which he can really earn $ 1,000 per month by playing online.
In this game, where the buy-in is $ 25, you only need to win 40 buy-ins to get a thousand. Those. you need to win a little more than one buy-in per day, which any hard regular can do.
Also, rakeback can go up to several hundred dollars a month. Thus, to achieve the desired becomes much easier.
  1. Play with tight and aggressive strategy
Let's talk about strategy. How should you play? The best strategy at such limits is a TAG strategy, i.e. Tight and aggressive play style. This is the style that is recommended for making good money in micro-limit cash games.
This implies that you carefully choose your hands, play the majority of them in position and that your game is aggressive post-flop.
If at such limits you plan to win big, then you also need to use the HUD and know how to find other players' weaknesses and exploit them for your own purposes.
And, finally, probably the most important thing - you have to be a smart enough player to apply all these tips even when the situation changes for the worse and you lose for days, or even weeks.
Lingering downswings are common in current games, even for strong regulars. The ability to remain calm in such situations is, in principle, a significant factor for your success.